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“The USPS is in the Constitution,” James said. “What differentiates the Postal Service, it’s not so much looking at the profit as much as we are trying to do our best to serve the American public.”

Robert [Bob] James




The unforgotten heart & soul of

Branch 791

Photo Credit Brian Wiggins

True Candor

Serving as the Lynnwood Shop Steward from 1984 ~ 2017,  showing true  integrity,  Bob has always been there to help, and in your time of need he never left  you guessing.


Record Setting 9 Time State President 
Branch VP/President spanning 3 decades


"Bob has been a Union Brother who has inspired me for many years and on many different levels. Above all, his passion in teaching others is what radiates with me. Watching Bob teach in front of a group with such emotion and action is now, what I strive to do. Thank you Bob, for your dedication to the NALC and for teaching me! In Solidarity, Sister Debbie Dixon (Region 2 RAA)"

Bob James once spotted a child on a big wheel facing down a semi truck on a 4 lane street. True to his never backing down attitude, Bob James faced down the never slowing down semi truck, raced over and saved the child and big wheel alike. Yelling at the semi truck driver for good measure.

Bob James is a tree of knowledge that Branch 791 continues to lean on. No Matter how far the reach, you can follow the roots back & Bob James will be there for you.

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